Embracing Accessibility in the Whole Organization: New Approaches and Resources (8-30-18)

Presented by TransCen, Inc. and the Mid-Atlantic ADA Center

What do you mean when you say your organization “embraces accessibility”? Does that mean hiring, retaining and promoting people with disabilities? Ensuring that customers who have disabilities are treated fairly and respectfully? Making sure that the technologies customers and employees use is accessible (not just the internet website, but also the staff intranet, the phone system, and even break-room vending machines)? We usually find that “embracing accessibility” involves enthusiastically tackling one or two areas, but rarely does it span the entire organization. In this presentation, we’ll look at the latest thinking and resources for taking organization-wide approaches to embrace accessibility.

This 30-minute session presented by Dr. Chris M. Law, president and owner of Accessibility Track Consulting, LLC. Chris’s goal is to help lead developments in the field of organization-wide approaches to accessibility. Chris is the manager, lead author and community of practice chair for the National Federation of the Blind’s Accessibility Switchboard Project, which aims to provide starting point resources for diverse audiences on how to incorporate accessibility across an organization’s activities. Chris is the convener and chair of the annual ICT Accessibility Testing Symposium, an event bringing peer-reviewed conference presentations to the East Coast.

Presentation Handouts

Embracing Accessibility in the Whole Organization – One slide per page – Handout

Embracing Accessibility in the Whole Organization – Two slides per page – Handout

Embracing Accessibility in the Whole Organization – Three slides per page – Handout