Tax Incentives for Businesses

Tax Incentives for Businesses

Three federal tax incentives are available to help businesses comply with the ADA. The incentives support businesses as they remove architectural barriers and accommodate employees and/or customers with disabilities. Many states also offer similar tax incentives. Below you will find information about these incentives, as well as links to specific tax forms and further information.

This page contains the following information:

      • Architectural/Transportation Tax Deduction: IR Code Section 190, Barrier Removal
      • Disabled Access Credit: IR Code Section 44
      • Work Opportunity Tax Credit: (WOTC): IR Code Section 51
      • State Tax Incentives

For a brief overview of the federal tax incentives, check out our fact sheet in English or Spanish:

ADA Quick Tips: Tax Incentives

Consejos Rápidos Sobre La ADA: Incentivos Fiscales