ADA National Network Research

Each of the 10 regional ADA Centers conducts research on various aspects of ADA implementation, employment, community integration, and other disability issues. Visit the ADA National Network to connect to other regional ADA Centers and learn more about their research projects.

Mid-Atlantic ADA Center Research

Mid-Atlantic ADA center and UMDThe Mid Atlantic ADA Center research project on employment is being conducted by the University of Maryland, College Park. The goal of the research is to develop a model depicting individual, organizational, and environmental factors affecting the provision of accommodation for employees with disabilities. The research activities include a comprehensive literature review, in-depth interviews, focus groups, as well as a preliminary test of the proposed model. This model seeks to benefit both employers and individuals with disabilities in their awareness, knowledge and understanding of reasonable accommodation in the workplace.

The comprehensive Annotated Bibliography of Reasonable Accommodation Literature includes brief descriptions of a wide range of research projects.

Employers’ Top 10 factors contributing to successful reasonable accommodation outcomes

The University of Maryland conducted a study on Reasonable Accommodations (RAs) using mixed-method approaches (survey, in-depth interview, and focus groups) to examine factors that influence the request for and provision of RAs.