Inclusion Confusion: What Is the SELF-ID Form and Why Is It Important (5-21-20)

Presented by TransCen, Inc. and the Mid-Atlantic ADA Center

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An estimated 34.2 million US citizens have a disability, yet only 26% of people with a disability are known to be in the workforce. These statistics could change due to movements for inclusion and technology advancements. However, stigma persists regarding asking and answering the question – do you have a disability?  This webinar looks at differences between self-identification and self-disclosure and sheds new light on how this sensitive question makes people act and feel.

The Presenter:

Janet FioreJanet Fiore, a national authority on disability, diversity and compliance policy and procedure for business, is the President and CEO of The Sierra Group. She’s an award-winning speaker and consultative trainer who routinely provides media input as well as testimony for Congress, the GSA and the Department of Veterans Affairs. As a woman with numerous disabilities, Janet combines her business and rehabilitation expertise, along with her own professional and personal accommodation experiences in order to ‘drive up’ employment success for all of her customers.

Webinar Handouts:

“Self-ID presentation” (1 slide per page handout)
“Self-ID presentation” (2 slides per page handout)
“Self-ID presentation” (3 slides per page handout)
“Self-ID presentation” (outline)

Form CC-305: Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability
EEOC Letter