Promoting Independence and Access through Responsible Design Part 1: Obligations and Sidewalk Basics (4-30-19)

Presented by TransCen, Inc. and the Mid-Atlantic ADA Center
Join us for our 4 part series, Promoting Independence and Access through Responsible Design. Melissa Anderson, PE, formerly a Transportation Engineer for the U.S. Access Board, will present a four-part webinar series designed to improve the understanding of why and how to provide accessible pedestrian facilities in the public right of way.  The series will begin with a discussion of legal obligations, how the Standards and guidelines apply and then move through the components of pedestrian access and how to actually achieve access.
Part 1, Obligations and Sidewalk Basics, will explain the tangle of Standards and Guidelines and the obligations state and local agencies have to provide accessible pedestrian facilities.  This session will cover the design requirements and best practice for sidewalks, shared use paths, temporary routes and work zones and how to make sure people can easily navigate their route.
Melissa didn’t have an opportunity to answer all of the questions submitted during the April 30 session. She has provided answers to some of the questions on this document:

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