Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice and Disability: AWAY from NoWay – Disability and Juvenile Justice (7-13-21)

Presented by TransCen, Inc. and the Mid-Atlantic ADA Center

As lawmakers continue to debate the need to radically shift investment from corrections and justice programs back into education and student support programs, Hasan will introduce data that show how education reinvestment can fast-track the closing of the school-to-prison pipeline. Then, hold on tight as Hasan invites you to join him in the story of his own journey, as he navigates the worlds of education, justice, and disability, desperate to exchange one “JD” for another – to go from Hasan Davis, Juvenile Delinquent, to Hasan Davis, Juris Doctor. His own escape from the school-to-prison pipeline would not have been possible without the aid and support of his own “Hope Dealers,” educators, advocates, and champions, who refused to accept the status quo.


Hasan Davis, Author, Education and Justice Advocate

Please note: This session is captioned.


“Away from No Way” handout (1 slide per page)

“Away from No Way” handout (2 slides per page)

“Away from No Way” handout (3 slides per page)