Protecting the Rights of Disabled Parents Involved with the Child Welfare System (8-23-23)

 Disabled parents and their children are disproportionately involved with the child welfare system and, once involved, experience significant disparities. This webinar will explore the ADA’s application to the child welfare system, recent enforcement efforts by the federal government, and court decisions. The speaker also shares strategies for representing disabled parents and their children. Presenter: Robyn […]

Beach Access Routes: Key Considerations for Public Entities (7-12-23)

 While the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design do not directly address access to beaches, there are still program accessibility obligations to be considered for beaches maintained by state or local government entities. This webinar will review the scoping and technical requirements for beach access routes from the Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) Outdoor Developed […]

Everybody Outside! Accessing the Inclusive Hiking Experience (6-21-23)

 This webinar explores the federal guidelines for accessible trail design and the multiple ways that individuals with disabilities experience hiking activities. By attending this session, trail planners and managers will be able to better anticipate the needs of diverse users, and individuals with disabilities will learn what to expect from accessible trail design and […]

Unpacking & Rethinking Guardianship for Disabled People (5-24-23)

 Participants will learn about guardianship, whom it impacts, how restrictive guardianship can impact individuals’ choices, and less restrictive alternatives that may be available. Speaker: Larkin Taylor-Parker, Legal Director of the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network There were no handouts for this session.

Enhancing Disability Inclusion & Awareness in Hospitality (4-19-23)

This webinar explores best practices, tools, and resources to help improve inclusion of people with disabilities in the hospitality sector. Presenters: Joe Jamison, CPACC, CEO & Founder of VisitAble LLC Cory Paradis, ADAC, Chief Operating Officer of VisitAble LLC This content may be updated periodically and is not a substitute for a full training experience. For information on […]

Managing Risk and Other Legal Requirements for Businesses Under ADA Title III (3-22-23)

Experts from Capital One share why it is important to manage, measure, and remediate risks within the ADA program, while remaining compliant with other regulations. Presenters: Carin Coates is a process owner for Capital One’s ADA Enterprise Team, Language and Interpretation Enterprise Team, as well as the US Card Power of Attorney, Conservator and Guardianship […]

AARP: Livable Communities (2-15-23)

A livable community is one that is safe and secure; it offers choices in where to live and how to get around; and it equitably serves residents of all ages, ability levels, incomes, races, ethnicities, and other backgrounds. AARP Livable Communities supports the efforts of neighborhoods, towns, cities, and rural areas to be great places […]

Creating an Accessible Recreational Gaming Event (1-25-23)

Games can be a tremendously enriching experience for people of all ages and abilities. As the board game industry has expanded and diversified their products for a broader audience, there is wider application for educational and community recreational programming. Unfortunately, inaccessible design too often limits interest in game-related community events. In this session, you will […]

Accessible Entertaining: Let’s Gather Together (12-7-22)

Whether you’re planning a special family dinner or your company’s holiday party, we have some tips to help you make it more welcoming for your friends, family members, and colleagues with disabilities. Join the experts at the Mid-Atlantic ADA Center for a conversation about planning and hosting fun, festive, and inclusive gatherings and events. Handouts […]

Title III of the ADA: Common Myths and Mix-Ups (11-16-22)

 Join us for a discussion of common myths and mix-ups that create or contribute to confusion and consternation for business operators! We’ll address what Title III covers, what it requires in terms of facility access, operational policies and practices, and communicating with customers with disabilities, as well as how it interplays with other federal, […]

Spotlight on ODEP: What Can the Office of Disability Employment Policy Do for You? (10-19-22)

Inclusion doesn’t happen by chance. Employers need to be intentional about their disability initiatives. Disability inclusion in the workplace can help increase productivity, improve products and processes, find the right talent to fill job openings, and meet your Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility (DEIA) goals. The research is clear – all workplaces benefit from a […]