Webinar: What do we know? Employer Engagement Lessons from the Diversity Partners Project

May 21, 2019 2:00pm to 3:00pm EDT

Presented by the Diversity Parnters Project at Cornell University

The Diversity Partners Project engaged in a two-year effort to uncover effective employer engagement practices for employment service professionals and organizations. This session shares information gathered by the Diversity Partners team that became the basis for web-based Frontline and Leadership Toolboxes. Individuals participating in the webinar will learn:

  • What the literature tells us about effective employer engagement, and where evidence may be lacking.
  • The results of more than 30 interviews about employer relationships, from professionals in community-based disability agencies, vocational rehabilitation, and workforce development in four states.

Employer perspectives on effective employer engagement; gleaned from in-person convening, surveys, and employers who served in an ongoing advisory capacity to the project.

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