Webcast: Workplace Accommodations and Universal Design for Young Adult Workers with Disabilities

May 27, 2021 2:00pm to 2:45pm EDT
Presented by the Virginia Commonwealth University Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Employer Practices for Individuals with Disabilities (VCU-RRTC-EP)
Speaker: Stuart Rumrill, M.S., CRC, Doctoral Student, University of Wisconsin, Madison 
Accommodations are essential to the success of workers with disabilities. Being well-versed in accommodation planning and having knowledge of reasonable accommodation options are vital for rehabilitation professionals and workers with disabilities. In this Webcast, Stuart Rumrill of the University of Wisconsin-Madison will present a job accommodation planning procedure referred to as "the win-win approach," along with a useful instrument known as the Work Experience Survey (WES), which assists professionals and employees with disabilities in identifying on-the-job barriers and determining appropriate accommodation solutions. To contextualize the win-win approach and the WES, results from a case study of four employed young adults with brain cancer will be presented.