HLAA Webinar: Hearing Accessibility and the Law: Your Rights and How to Obtain Them

March 10, 2021 7:00pm to 8:30pm EST
Hosted by HLAA and presented by the New York State Association
Federal, state and local disability laws are intended to bring people with all manner of disabilities, including hearing loss, into the mainstream of public life. But implementing those laws in practice is up to affected individuals. How well do you understand your accessibility rights? What steps can or should you take if you feel your rights have been denied?
  • Marc Fliedner, J.D., Attorney and Director of the PAIR Program (Protection & Advocacy for Individual Rights), Disability Rights New York
  • John Herrion, J.D., Attorney and Director of Disability Rights, New York State Division of Human Rights.
  • John Waldo, J.D., Attorney
  • Moderator:   Jerry Bergman, HLAA member and hearing loss advocate.