The Future Needs Everyone: Promoting Workplace Success for Millennials with Disabilities (1-19-17)

Presented by the Mid-Atlantic ADA Center

Have you wondered how today’s best employers welcome young people with disabilities into the workplace? How they support them to succeed in every level of their business? And how they leverage the unique strengths of millennials with disabilities to meet the ever-changing needs of their organizations?  This webinar will present the methods and results of an intergenerational dialogue series that brought 104 people together to create powerful joint expectations around workplace diversity, technology and other challenges faced and mastered by top-rated employers.  Participants will hear directly from select dialogue participants about the experience and will also learn about the process and how dialogue can be used to foster inclusion in the workplace. The project was sponsored by The HSC Foundation; the project leaders were part of HSC's Youth Transition Collaborative, aimed at empowering youth and young people with disabilities as they enter adulthood and the world of work.


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Certificates of participation are only available for those who participated in the live broadcast.