ADA Legal Webinar Series: The 30th Anniversary of the ADA: A Review of the Most Important ADA Cases

July 15, 2020 2:00pm to 3:30pm EDT

Presented by the Great Lakes ADA Center and the ADA National Network

This July marks the 30th anniversary of the ADA. Over the past three decades, courts have decided many landmark ADA cases that have forever changed the landscape for people with disabilities. This retrospective webinar will review pivotal ADA decisions by the Supreme Court and also highlight unexpected applications of the ADA in emerging areas such as the internet, disaster planning, and rideshare companies. Take a trip down memory lane as we re-visit the most important ADA decisions of the last thirty years and discuss what’s on the horizon. It’s sure to be a thought provoking celebration!


Barry Taylor, Director of Legal Services, Equip for Equality
Rachel Weisberg, Staff Attorney, Equip for Equality

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