Accessibility Online Webinar Series: Accessible Restaurants and Bars

December 5, 2019 2:30pm to 4:00pm EST

Presented by the U.S. Access Board and the ADA National Network

New trends in the design of restaurants and bars pose challenging questions on the best way to achieve access so that they are inclusive of everyone. This session will review requirements in the ADA and ABA Accessibility Standards for restaurants, cafeterias, and bars and address common sources of confusion. Presenters will cover accessible seating at tables, counters, and bars, dispersion, raised and sunken dining areas, mezzanines, food service lines, and other requirements at different types of dining and drinking establishments.


  • Bill Botten, Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator, Senior Accessibility Specialist, Office of Technical and Information Services, U.S. Access Board
  • Juliet Shoultz, Transportation Engineer, Office of Technical and Information Services

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