Accesibility Online Webinar Series: Using the ADA and ABA Standards Series: Chapter 8: Special Rooms, Spaces, and Elements (Part 2)

October 1, 2020 2:30pm to 4:00pm EDT

Presented by the U.S. Access Board and the ADA National Network

This session is the second session in the series addressing the scoping and technical provisions for special rooms, spaces, and elements in the ADA and ABA Accessibility Standards (Chapter 8). This session will address the requirements for medical care & long-term care facilities, holding and housing cells, courtrooms, residential dwelling units, transportation facilities, and storage. Part one of the chapter 8 sessions addressed the other sections of the chapter. Presenters will address common sources of confusion and frequently asked questions about these provisions.

Juliet Shoultz, Transportation Engineer, Office of Technical and Information Services
Bobby Stinnette, Accessibility Specialist , U.S. Access Board

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