Our Staff

Karen Goss

Karen Goss is the Assistant Director of the Center. She is responsible for program evaluation and reporting obligations, and also works to coordinate the Center's outreach efforts. One of her roles prior to joining the Center was as the Business Development Specialist with the One-Stop Career Center in Wheaton, Maryland. In that role she worked closely with the Department of Economic Development, businesses, state and local governments, health care providers, and Maryland's Lead Disability Program Navigator. She has extensive business management and human resources experience in the private sector.

Ann Deschamps

Ann Deschamps is a Senior Research Associate at TransCen, Inc. She coordinates research projects, as well as training activities related to the ADA. Ms. Deschamps also manages the ADA Leadership Network, which works to expand ADA training opportunities in local communities.

Caleb Berkemeier

Caleb Berkemeier is the Training Specialist for the Center, where he coordinates webinars and podcasts, plans the annual ADA Update conference, and conducts customized trainings for businesses, universities, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Before joining the Center, he taught for several years at Kent State University, where he is completing a dissertation in disability studies.

In his free time, Mr. Berkemeier enjoys leading a philosophy reading group and competing in regional and national goalball tournaments.

Maynor Guillen

Maynor Guillen is the E-Learning and Multimedia Specialist for the Center. He manages the technical aspects of online training, provides audio-visual support, and is involved in other projects. Prior to joining the Center, Maynor was the Assistive Technology Specialist for the City of Alexandria's One-Stop Center, where he provided employment services, training, and information on reasonable accommodations.

Nancy Horton

Nancy Horton is a Project Specialist for the Mid-Atlantic ADA Center, where she develops training materials and writes articles on all aspects of the ADA. She also maintains the Center's websites. Ms. Horton has been working in the disability field for more than twenty-five years. Her experience includes conducting site accessibility surveys and architectural plans reviews, as well as training on employment issues, accessible design, and effective communication requirements.

Barbara Van Dyke

Barbara Van Dyke is the Outreach Coordinator for the Center. Her activities include promoting the ADA Center and its initiatives, events, and products. She is responsible for encouraging membership and coordinating activities for the ADA Center's resource networks - the Community Partners Network, Title II Network, Corrections and Law Enforcement Network, and Transit Network. She also manages the Center's social media presence and develops information resources and tools for the Center and its associates. Ms. Van Dyke is part of the team that produces the Center's conferences, including the annual Mid-Atlantic ADA Update.

In addition to her work at the Center, Ms. Van Dyke helps manage her family business, an independent mortgage brokerage. She has also served in many capacities as a volunteer with the Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park with a BS in business management.

Carleen Crespo

Carleen Crespo supports a wide variety of services and projects as the Office Administrator at the Mid-Atlantic ADA Center. Ms. Crespo has a BA in English, and her previous experiences include working as an editor, acting as an event coordinator for a major bookstore, and serving as a Church Parish Administrator. Her many interests include music, theater, alternative medicine, and cooking for her family.