May 26, 2020

FedEx Ground to Pay $3.3 Million to Settle EEOC Disability Discrimination Lawsuit

FedEx Ground Package System, Inc. will pay $3.3 million and take other actions to resolve a companywide disability discrimination lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The EEOC charged that FedEx Ground discriminated against deaf and hard of hearing job applicants, and denied reasonable accommodations to deaf and hard of hearing employees.

May 26, 2020

“nTIDE April 2020 Jobs Report: COVID Recession Hits Workers with Disabilities Harder”

Nearly one million more people with disabilities are not working compared to March, according to the most recent National Trends in Disability Employment - Monthly Update (nTIDE), issued by Kessler Foundation and the University of New Hampshire's Institute on Disability (UNH-IOD).

May 26, 2020

“Reopening Businesses Face Customer Pushback on Mask Requirements Under ADA”

Many businesses are now requiring customers to wear masks at their places of business, either on their own accord or to comply with governmental mandates. This article shares the challenges that businesses are facing with enforcing these mask requirements, and clarifies how the ADA applies. 

May 26, 2020

“Vote by Mail Is One of Many Ways to Ensure the Disability Community Is Included in the Next Election”

This article discusses the various barriers to voting for people with disabilities, and the options available to ensure that voting is accessible for everyone.

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