Training, Events, and Opportunities to Participate

Seeking Older Adults and/or People with Disabilities for Survey on Changes in Travel Behavior During COVID-19

The Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access at the University at Buffalo is interested in learning about changes in the travel behavior of people with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey is open to any individuals who are aged 65 and older and/or adults with disabilities. As an incentive for taking the survey, participants can enter a drawing to win a $50 gift card. The deadline to participate is October 15, 2020.

Johns Hopkins Disability-Led Research Study on the COVID-19 Response

The Johns Hopkins Disability Health Research Center is looking for adults with all types of disabilities to participate in virtual focus groups discussing healthcare, accessibility, and employment-related gaps in the COVID-19 response.

U.S. Department of Transportation Inclusive Design Challenge

The U.S. Department of Transportation announced the opening of Stage I of the Inclusive Design Challenge. The Challenge seeks innovative design solutions that can enable people with physical, sensory, and cognitive disabilities to use automated vehicles. Stage I concept proposals are due October 30, 2020.

ADA Today Podcast

Check out our latest episode on "COVID-19 and "College" to learn more about how the pandemic is affecting students with disabilities and post-secondary education institutions.