State and Local Government News

Maryland: “Disability Rights Groups Seek Equal Access to Ballot through Voting Machine Bill, Lawsuit”

This article highlights efforts in Maryland to implement a universal ballot marking system that would enable voters with disabilities to vote “privately and independently,” as their ballots would be indistinguishable from those of voters without disabilities.

“Maryland Bill Would Require Therapy Dogs to Be Allowed in Public Schools”

A bill in the Maryland state legislature would require public schools to allow the use of therapy dogs across the state. 

Pennsylvania: “Department of Human Services Provides Updates on Work Supports System for Medicaid Recipients”

The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS) recently outlined the new Medicaid Work Supports system, a program designed to connect people whose health care is covered through Medicaid to local employment and training resources. As Pennsylvania continues to experience economic challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, DHS hopes this program can be a bridge to employment for people affected by job or income loss.