General News

Opinion: “The ADA’s ‘Vague’ Definition of Disability Is a Feature, Not a Bug”

This is the second in a series of articles on the meaning and relevance of the ADA, as its 30th anniversary approaches. The author discusses both weaknesses and strengths in the ADA’s more flexible definition of disability. He concludes that, despite its more “open-ended” definition of disability, it better represents the goal of a civil rights law, meaning that the protections are more broadly available to everyone.

“Office of Congressional Workplace Rights Report Details Disability Access Challenges”

This article provides the details of a biennial report on ADA inspections by the Office of Congressional Workplace Rights (OCWR) for the 114th Congress. Of 2,568 barriers identified in the report, 1,051 were attributed to multi-user restrooms, marking 40 percent of such challenges. 

“New Poll: Majority of Voters Have Disability Connections”

This report from RespectAbility and Greenberg Quinlan Rosner (GQR) provides the results of a study on voters and disability. Key findings show that the disability community represents half the country; the disability community is politically contested; and, this community’s agenda has not been sufficiently addressed by candidates for public office.

Opinion: “10 Disability Policy Questions Every Presidential Candidate Should Answer”

The author of this article shares 10 major policy concerns of the disability community which she believes should be addressed by current political candidates. They reinforce her opinion that increasing access for people with disabilities improves the lives of all people, and should be a top priority for any candidate campaigning for the highest office in the country.