General News

DAV Offers COVID-19 Economic Relief Grants for Veterans with Disabilities

Non-profit advocacy organization Disabled American Veterans (DAV) has establishing a COVID-19 Relief Fund to provide help to service-connected veterans with disabilities who have lost employment.

“National Council on Disability Celebrates 42 Years of Advancing National Disability Policy”

The National Council on Disability (NCD) celebrated its 42-year anniversary of advancing national disability policy through its advisory role to federal policymakers.

“United Spinal’s Corporate Advisory Council Highlights Progress in Expanding Disability Rights and Inclusion”

United Spinal Association recently hosted its bi-annual Corporate Advisory Council meeting to address the important role corporate America plays in expanding the rights and inclusion of people with mobility disabilities nationwide.

“Center for Disability-Inclusive Community Development Announces the Winners of Its First Annual Inclusive Community Development Awards”

The Center for Disability-Inclusive Community Development (CDICD), managed by National Disability Institute (NDI), announced the winners of its First Annual Inclusive Community Development Awards.

The awards highlight activities of financial institutions and community-based organizations that support low- and moderate-income individuals with disabilities in improving their financial stability.