Education News

“New Report Provides Strategies to Combat Mis-Incarceration of Children with Disabilities”

Children with disabilities often land in the correctional system after they are failed by other systems, the National Disability Rights Network (NDRN) asserted in recently released report. This article provides highlights of the report, including specific recommendations for systemic improvements.

“Accessibility and Inclusivity in Language Education”

Education, in general, is facing issues with providing students with accessibility options; likewise, that inevitably affects the field of language acquisition. This article includes ideas for ways to make learning a new language more effective for those who have vision or hearing disabilities.

“There's a National Shortage of Braille Teachers and the Situation Is Dire”

This article explains how Braille literacy impacts those who are blind in education and employment. It offers examples of how the ability to read Braille can be an essential skill for those who cannot read and write print due to visual impairment or loss, and how it provides a way for them to access literacy.