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Opinion: “How Including Students with Intellectual Disabilities Can Make Colleges Better”

The author of this article, a college professor and parent of a child with an intellectual disability, explores the ways that improved inclusion and access in colleges and universities not only benefits students with disabilities, but could, “…challenge traditional ideas about the purpose of college and whom higher education is intended to serve.”

All U.S. Dental Schools Will Train Students to Manage Treatment of People with ID/DD

As recommended by the National Council on Disability (NCD), all U.S. dental schools must now revamp their curricula and training programs to be inclusive of patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities (ID/DD). The Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) recently passed votes requiring dental schools to train their students in managing treatment of patients with ID/DD. Previously, patients with ID/DD were largely unable to obtain dental care treatment because dental students were simply not required to learn to manage their treatment.