Access Board News

“Access Board Resolves 49 Architectural Barriers Act Cases Through Corrective Action in FY 2019”

The U.S. Access Board is responsible for developing and keeping up-to-date accessibility requirements for the wide array of facilities covered by the ADA, as well as for transportation vehicles and systems. It issues standards for information and communication technology and for medical diagnostic equipment. In addition, the Board continues the important work of the Architectural Barriers Act, which is done through the investigation of complaints from the public. This report provides the list of 49 ABA cases resolved through corrective action by the U.S. Access Board for FY 2019.  

“Access Board to Assess Feasibility of Wheelchair Restraint Systems on Aircraft”

The U.S. Access Board is undertaking a study to assess the feasibility of equipping aircraft with restraint systems so that passengers can remain in their wheelchairs on flights. Congress directed the Board to study this question in its most recent reauthorizationof the Federal Aviation Administration. The Board has enlisted the Transportation Research Board (TRB), which is part of the congressionally chartered National Academy of Sciences, to conduct this assessment and to issue a report. The Board and TRB will consult the Department of Transportation, aircraft manufacturers, air carriers, and disability advocates in the course of the study, as directed by the act.