Call for Presentation Proposals

Mid-Atlantic ADA Conference

The Mid-Atlantic ADA Center requests session proposals for the Mid-Atlantic ADA Conference, which will be held in Alexandria, Virginia on September 9 - 11, 2020. Presenters receive free registration and one night’s stay in the conference hotel (limited to two presenters per session).

Proposal deadline: Monday, February 24, 2020

Notification of proposals accepted or declined: Friday, April 10, 2020

Session categories for this year’s conference are Title I, Title II, law enforcement and corrections, and general sessions.
Suggested topics include the following:

  • Role of the ADA coordinator

    • Self-evaluations and transition plans
  • ADA Standards for accessible design

    • Accessibility in historic properties
  • Effective communication
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Overview of transportation for public entities
  • Interplay of Title I, FMLA, Workers’ Comp
  • Affirmative action in employment (Section 503 or voluntary programs)
  • Workplace harassment and retaliation (including case law)
  • Law enforcement and detention/corrections issues, for example:

    • Health and mental health care issues in prisons
    • Aging in prisons
    • Juvenile justice
    • Law enforcement interactions with victims, witnesses, and other members of the public
    • Law enforcement interactions with people who have psychiatric or intellectual/developmental disabilities
  • Health care issues, for example:

    • Organ transplant discrimination
    • Assisted suicide issues

Additional Guidelines

Conference sessions will be 90 minutes in length and must be interactive, including at least 20 minutes of Q&A and/or interactive activities. If your presentation will take longer, please indicate that your topic will require more than one session. You may submit more than one session proposal (one online form submission per session).

We have special interest in advanced level sessions that have a narrow focus and provide in-depth information in a particular area rather than a broad overview. For example, we are more likely to accept a presentation that will focus on Title I accommodations for people with psychiatric disabilities than a session on Title I accommodations in general.

There is an option in the proposal submission form to mark sessions as “advanced.” Advanced sessions should avoid covering basic information that attendees are likely to know; e.g., general introduction to ADA, general introduction to a Title, definition of disability, etc. If an advanced session contains basic information in the PowerPoint, we will ask you to revise and resubmit.

We are also interested in interactive sessions and will give preference to proposals that include creative ways to involve participants, such as workshops, case scenarios, extended Q&A, etc.

The Mid-Atlantic ADA Conference is committed to full accessibility of all presentation materials including PowerPoints. Check out our information on creating accessible PowerPoints and conducting inclusive presentations. Presenters are required to submit accessible PowerPoints. If your PowerPoint is not accessible, we will ask you to revise and resubmit.

Presentation Submission

Fill out the form below to submit a proposal. You may submit more than one proposal, but you must complete a separate form for each submission.

No more than 150 words
Objectives should be specific and measurable and begin with an action verb. Use verbs such as describe, develop, identify, define, discuss, demonstrate, list, measure, review, state, explain, express, practice, use, apply, etc. For example: "Identify three differences between best practice A and best practice B." This is an important component of the selection process. Abstracts with incomplete or incorrectly formatted Learning Objectives may be returned for revision or may not be accepted. Please identify at least four Learning Objectives.
Briefly describe the presenting experience and credentials for each presenter. If you have presented this session before, please list the date(s) and audience. (No more than 200 words.)
Please provide a short biography (no more than 200 words), including information regarding your expertise in the proposed topic area.
Please provide a short biography (no more than 200 words), including the reason a second presenter is needed for the session.
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*** Thank you for your proposal! ***