Article Archive

These articles are reprinted or adapted from ADA In Focus, the newsletter of the Mid-Atlantic ADA Center. ADA in Focus is intended for use by individuals, state and local governments, businesses, legal entities, and others interested in developments in the Americans with Disabilities Act. This publication is intended solely as an informal guidance and should not be construed as legally binding. ADA In Focus does not serve as determination of the legal rights or responsibilities under the ADA for any individual, business, or entity.

The articles are listed in chronological order, beginning with the most recent.

Accommodating Test-Takers with Disabilities: Finding the Balance
Spring-Summer 2019: Volume 23, Number 2

Reasonable Accommodation: Reassignment
Winter 2019: Volume 23, Number 1

Adjusting for Access: Reasonable Modifications in Policies, Practices, and Procedures
Fall 2018: Volume 22, Number 3

Access to History: The ADA and Historic Places
Spring-Summer 2018: Volume 22, Number 2

The New Digital Divide: Accessibility in Cyberspace
Winter 2018: Volume 22, Number 1

Planning Accessible Events, Conferences, and Meetings: Planning for Emergencies
Fall 2017: Volume 21, Number 3

Religious Organizations and Private Clubs Under the ADA
Winter 2017: Volume 21, Number 2

The ADA, Structural Accessibility, and Existing Buildings
Winter 2017: Volume 21, Number 1

The ADA and Aging Workers
Spring-Summer 2016: Volume 20, Number 2

Law Enforcement and the ADA
Winter 2016: Volume 20, Number 1

Service Animals and Assistance Animals: Where, When, and How
Fall 2015: Volume 19, Number 3

Emergency Preparedness in the Workplace
Winter 2015: Volume 19, Number 1

Revisiting Reasonable Accommodation
Fall 2014: Volume 18, Number 3

Access the Outdoors: New Standards for Federal Facilities
Spring-Summer 2014: Volume 18, Number 2

Disasters and People with Disabilities: Around the World or Around the Corner
Winter 2014: Volume 18, Number 1

The ADA and the Changing Face of the American Workforce
Fall 2013: Volume 17, Number 3

Recreation: New Standards Foster Inclusion
Summer 2013: Volume 17, Number 2

Employment: Medical Questions and Exams
Winter 2013: Volume 17, Number 1

Federal, State, and Local Laws: Conflicts or Complements?
Fall 2012: Volume 16, Number 3

Ticket Sales and Accessible Seating
Summer 2012: Volume 16, Number 2