ADA Anniversary

Pledge Your Support for the ADA

Join the hundreds of individuals, organizations, and government agencies across the country who have pledged their support for the ADA! Become a part of the nationwide celebration of 25 years of one of the world's most historic civil rights laws. PLEDGE ON!

The ADA Legacy Project

The ADA Legacy Project seeks to preserve the history of the disability rights movement, celebrate its milestones, and educate future generations.

Celebrating the ADA!

The ADA National Network celebrates the Americans with Disabilities Act throughout the year! While much progress has been made, much remains to be done. Please help us honor this landmark civil rights legislation!

ADA Anniversary Scrapbook

"Turn the page" and take a stroll down memory lane. Watch a video of the signing of the ADA, read stories and remembrances, and learn more about the background and history of the law.

Disability Rights ARE Civil Rights