Share Forum: Making a Difference Today, Tomorrow and Beyond! Embracing Millennials with Disabilities

March 8, 2017 8:30am to 12:00pm


Booz Allen Hamilton
One Preserve Parkway Rockville MD 20852
United States

Presented by the DC Metro Business Leadership Network

Learn about Booz Allen Hamilton’s Millennial engagement strategies and insights gained from Millennial employees to direct the morning’s conversation:
From the Employer perspective:
  • What should companies generally know about Millennials with disabilities?
  • When it comes to the engagement and advancement experience, what should companies know and what programs should companies put in place?
  • What makes a culture one in which a Millennial with disabilities will want to come to work, self-ID or self-disclose, and stay engaged?
And from the Millennial perspective:
  • What are Millennials with disabilities priorities and are they different from their peers without disabilities?
  • What should companies do to ensure they connect with students with disabilities during on-campus recruiting?
  • What specific components of the recruiting process are a “must” as a student with a disability? Onboarding?
  • What NOT to do?

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