ASTC includes a variety of information and resources to support science centers and museums in creating accessible facilities, exhibits, programs, and activities.

VSA offers a variety of programs to enhance participation in the arts for people with disabilities (look for the "VSA and Accessibility" tab).

NADC promotes inclusion in all facets of the arts community for both audience members and artists with disabilities.

DS/USA offers sports programs and competitions to people with all types of disabilities. Specific programs include the Wounded Warrior/Disabled Sports Project, the Warfighter Sports Series, and the Youth Sports Mentoring Program.

NCA offers resources on inclusive outdoor and recreational activities. The site also features a product resource section with information on accessible picnic tables, golf cars, hunting and fishing equipment, playground components, and more.

NCHPAD promotes exercise and physical activity for people with disabilities.

The Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s gave rise to other civil rights movements, most notably the Women's Rights Movement and the Disability Rights Movement. While minorities and women were protected by civil rights legislation passed by the United States Congress during the 1960s, the rights of people with disabilities were not protected by federal legislation until much later.

Listed below are resources specifically for youth, we hope you will find them useful. Our resource pages are "works in progress", so if you have suggestions for additions, please contact us!

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals website includes Animal Disaster Preparedness, covering strategies and emergency preparedness training for animals. (This article discusses pets, not service animals).