This organization offers a wealth of practical information, tools, and resources for dental and medical health care providers.

This site offers information about some of the issues and risks faced by people with disabilities, and how health care providers, through appropriate interactions and services, can help address these issues.

This site includes the Medical Providers and the ADA Compliance Series, with fact sheets on disability etiquette, effective communication, service animals, and serving patients who use wheelchairs and other mobility devices.

WID offers a variety of information for medical providers, individuals with disabilities, and families, including:

AAHD offers a portal to a wide variety of information on health care, including best practices, news and research, public policy and legal issues, and more.

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DREDF offers publications and training on transportation and disability issues. portal includes information on legal requirements, community planning and coordination, training opportunities, research, statistics, and funding sources to enhance accessible transportation options.

The DP2: Disabled People and Disaster Planning web site information was compiled to address earthquake readiness and response, but much of the information may be helpful in other situations. Topics discussed include: preparation, accessibility issues in emergency shelters, training for rescue and law enforcement workers, evacuation for wheelchair users, and communication and information dissemination.