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DREDF offers publications and training on transportation and disability issues. portal includes information on legal requirements, community planning and coordination, training opportunities, research, statistics, and funding sources to enhance accessible transportation options.

The DP2: Disabled People and Disaster Planning web site information was compiled to address earthquake readiness and response, but much of the information may be helpful in other situations. Topics discussed include: preparation, accessibility issues in emergency shelters, training for rescue and law enforcement workers, evacuation for wheelchair users, and communication and information dissemination.

This office in the U.S. Department of Labor offers information about emergency preparedness in the workplace. The site includes a "template" entitled Preparing the Workplace for Everyone: Accounting for the Needs of People with Disabilities, which was designed as a guide for planning and implementation activities for federal agencies.

The JAN consultants have compiled resources and information on emergency evacuation, policies and procedures, work site modifications and accommodations, and training and resources.

The RTCIL offers several online courses and a variety of publications for individiuals, health professionals, emergency planners, responders, and disaster relief workers. Topics covered range from disability etiquette and providing assistance to people with various types of disabilities in emergency situations, to planning and preparedness for service animals and pets.