Employment News

Employment and Economic Advancement Resource Map

This list of national initiatives that can support individuals as they take steps toward establishing financial stability is available from the LEAD Center (formerly the National Center on Leadership for the Employment and Economic Advancement of People with Disabilities).

10 Tips for an Accessible Website

This new tip sheet from the Employer Assistance and Resource Network (EARN) offers tips and resources for improving access to websites, which can expand opportunities for recruiting qualified job applicants as well as new customers.

“The Growing Acceptance of Autism in the Workplace”

This article highlights employers who are reaping the benefits of accommodating applicants and workers with autism.

“In Baltimore and Beyond, Parents are Creating Employment Opportunities for Adult Children with Autism”

This article highlights some of the creative strategies families, workforce development professionals, and employers are using to improve outcomes for individuals with autism.

Customized Employment and Guided Group Discovery

A new collection of Guided Group Discovery materials, including a Facilitator Manual, an accompanying PowerPoint slide deck, and a Participant Workbook, are designed to enable job seekers to find good jobs with employers who value their talents.

“Medical Marijuana in the Workplace: Where Do Things Stand?”

This article explores the tension between state and federal laws related to the use of medical marijuana, and how these laws can affect the application and interpretation of disability discrimination laws like the ADA.

"Opioids, Marijuana and Substance Abuse Issues Present both Familiar and Groundbreaking Challenges to Employers"

This article outlines a variety of issues that employers may face when dealing with workers who use drugs (legally or illegally), and offers tips on human resource management strategies that can help employers and employees alike.

“Prevention — and Intervention — Are Key to Fighting Drug Addiction at Work”

This article, noting that the “workplace is bearing much of the fallout of the current drug epidemic … with drug overdose as the fastest growing cause of death at work” and employers dealing with the human and financial costs of “chronic absenteeism, lateness, turnover, lost productivity and even crime caused by addiction,” urges employers to consider their policies and the programs they offer, from insurance benefits to employee assistance programs.