Employment News

Guide to Financial Incentives for Employers

The Employer Assistance and Resource Network (EARN) offer this guide to federal and state tax incentives that can help employers capitalize on the skills and talents of workers with disabilities.

“Here’s the Evidence: A Policymaker’s Guide to Evidence-Based Disability Policy”

The author of this piece says the way to reduce reliance on disability-based Social Security benefits is through “early interventions” — services and other supports designed to help people become financially self-sufficient before they become dependent on disability benefits — targeted to two populations: (1) workers whose continued self-sufficiency is threatened by injury or illness, and (2) youth with disabilities as they transition to working age.

Self-Employment for Workers with Psychiatric Disabilities:
New Research Briefs and Resources

A new series of research briefs highlights the results of a survey of self-employed individuals with psychiatric disabilities.

More research and resources for entrepreneurship are available from the Reclaiming Employment project.