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“Every Designer Should See the Smithsonian’s Illuminating Exhibit on Accessibility”

This article reports on Access+Ability, a new exhibition at New York’s Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, which showcases more than 70 inventions related to aging and disability. From fashionable clothing to sleek assistive devices and creative technologies, these designers are reimagining inclusion and independence.

“Hold the Strobe Lights: Why 'Sensory-Friendly' Shows Are the Latest Trend in Kids Music”

This article reports on the growing popularity of sensory-friendly shows and performances – events where the sound level is lower, the house lights are higher, and members of the audience are allowed to dance and move around the venue. Such performances are often more appealing for individuals with autism or sensory sensitivities. 

“The Company Working to Make Dance More Inclusive”

This article highlights the Axis Dance Company, a professional dance company that works to bring “rigorous artistry” to integrated dance performance.