General News

Status: ADA Education and Reform Act

A number of media articles report on or express opinions about this proposed legislation:

NDMC White Paper: Mentoring as a Disability Inclusion Strategy

The National Disability Mentoring Coalition (NDMC) provides background on the practice and impact of disability mentoring, the policies that support it, and a call to action to expand the field.

NFB: Statistical Facts about Blindness in the United States

The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) has collected a variety of statistical information related to people with blindness and low vision. Information from a number of sources, including both government agencies and non-governmental organizations, includes population characteristics such as educational attainment, income and employment status, prevalence by age and race, and distribution by state.

“Spinal Cord Injury: Looking Back and Looking Forward”

The Director of the National Rehabilitation Information Center (NARIC) reflects on 40 years of living with a spinal cord injury (SCI) and shares information, resources, and research findings that are contributing to longer, healthier lives for individuals who experience SCI.