General News

Status: ADA Education and Reform Act

HR 620, the ADA Education and Reform Act, was recently moved out of committee and may soon come before the full House of Representatives for consideration. The bill is designed to require a “notice and cure period” of up to 180 days before individuals with disabilities could file private lawsuits alleging failure to remove structural barriers in existing businesses covered by Title III of the ADA.

Several organizations have urged opposition to the bill, including Human Rights Watch (“Will the US Weaken its Disability Laws?”), the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) (“Congress Wants to Change the Americans with Disabilities Act and Undermine the Civil Rights of People with Disabilities”), and the Consortium of Citizens with Disabilities (which issued an updated open letter to members of Congress).

"Everyone Can Help Their Community Prepare"

The National Rehabilitation Information Center (NARIC) offers information and resources on emergency preparedness for elders and people with disabilities.

RTC: Rural Highlights the Geography of Disability with #MapMonday

The Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Disability in Rural Communities (RTC: Rural) launched a social media campaign highlighting findings from the Geography of Disability Project as part of #MapMonday, which is used by cartographers, geographers, and other map scholars and enthusiasts to share their work or items of interest on social media. Look for the posts from the RTC: Rural every Monday.

Honoring Disability Mentors

The National Disability Mentoring Coalition recently announced the Hall of Fame Class of 2017. This program honors organizations and individuals who make a significant difference in the lives of people with disabilities through mentoring. 

“May Contain: Peanuts, Milk, Gluten: Restaurants, Customers Urge for Education, Dialogue on Food Allergies”

Many individuals, family members, advocates, restaurant operators, and other food service providers encourage greater education about how to accommodate people with digestive disorders and food allergies.