Employment News

Creating an Accessible and Welcoming Workplace

This collection of resources is designed to help employers successfully tap into the pool of skilled and talented workers with disabilities by addressing barriers in facilities, technologies, and attitudes.

“2 Out of 3 People See Depression at Work. Here's How to Keep Your Team Well”

This article urges employers to adopt strategies that can support employees dealing with mental health issues.

“Why the Healthcare Industry Should Pay Particular Attention to Drug and Alcohol Issues in the Workplace”

This article urges healthcare employers to “get ahead” of some of the unique challenges that may present themselves when employees experience substance abuse.

“What All Employers Need To Know About Protecting Employee Health Information”

This article outlines the obligations employers have to guard the confidentiality of employees’ medical information under laws such as the ADA and the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA).

VR Voices: Video Booth

A recent conference focused on the evolving role of vocational rehabilitation (VR) in meeting employer demand in a job-driven economy. VR practitioners, policy-makers, and researchers were asked about the future of VR, how to serve VR consumers and businesses effectively, and how partnering with businesses can improve employment outcomes for people with disabilities.Check out the highlights in the “VR Voices: Video Booth,” along with presentations and other resources, at the conference site.