Employment News

NOD Recognizes Leading Employers

The National Organization on Disability (NOD) announced the recipients of the 2017 Leading Disability Employer SealTM recognizing companies that demonstrate exemplary employment practices for people with disabilities.

Video: Unconscious Bias

This brief video features employers talking about how they challenged their own biases and concerns, giving workers with disabilities a chance to succeed.

“How to Avoid Retaliation Claims from Employees”

This article outlines various laws, including the ADA, that address retaliation against employees who engage in protected activities such as requesting reasonable accommodation or filing a complaint of discrimination.

“From ADA Compliance to Universal Design: Creating Accessible Training”

This article urges employers to think about potential barriers to learning – including disabilities like blindness as well as “invisible” conditions such as learning disabilities – when creating training programs and materials.

Workplace Accommodations Prove to be “Low Cost, High Impact”

The Job Accommodation Network released the 2017 update to its annual “Workplace Accommodations: Low Cost, High Impact” study. The research, which has been conducted annually since 2004, indicates that most (59 percent) workplace accommodations cost nothing, and those that do involve cost pay for themselves by reducing insurance and training costs and increasing productivity and morale.

NCWD/Youth Publishes Info Brief on “Designing Professional Development for Youth Workforce Development”

This brief from the National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability for Youth (NCWD/Youth) describes strategies for designing and delivering professional development for youth service professionals at the state and local levels.