Center Update

ADA Resource Networks Update

Resource NetworksThe Mid-Atlantic ADA Center developed the resource network program to connect peers in the region and to facilitate access to ADA Center resources. We have five ADA Resource Networks:

  • ADA Leadership Network: experienced ADA trainers
  • Community Partners Network: advocates who share information about the ADA in their communities
  • Title II Network: ADA Coordinators and others in state and local government who work to implement the ADA within their agencies

We also have two new networks, offshoots of the Title II Network, which came about because of certain agencies’ unique concerns:

  • Transit Network: ADA Coordinators in public transportation agencies
  • Corrections and Law Enforcement Network: professionals in those agencies whose responsibilities include ADA implementation

Network benefits include an interactive listserv, discounted registration to the Mid-Atlantic ADA Update in September, and support for training and public awareness activities. For more information on the network program or how to apply for membership, please visit the Mid-Atlantic ADA Resource Networks.

Upcoming Network Activities
  • Interactive webinars for each network where members will be able to discuss their experiences and share wisdom
  • The ADA Resource Network Blog will be posted on our website and members will contribute as guest bloggers
  • Community Partners Network Online Scrapbook with information and photos of member activities and events
  • Two-day train the trainer event for new ADA Leadership Network members