ADA Legal News

“Distance Disabled Prof Had To Walk Between Classes Supports Rehab Act Claims”

This article reports on a recent decision by a Maryland court in the case of Edwards v Montgomery County. An English professor with limitations in walking, and who requested accommodations that included having classrooms scheduled close to one another, will proceed with two Rehabilitation Act claims. The remainder of her claims, including claims under the ADA and the Maryland Fair Employment Practices Act, however, were dismissed based on a variety of procedural flaws, including failure to exhaust administrative remedies and untimeliness.

Pennsylvania Court: Plaintiff Produces Sufficient Evidence to “Cast Doubt” on City’s Arguments

The U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania denied the city’s motion for summary judgment in the case of Jakomas v City of Pittsburgh. The court found that the plaintiff, a former city employee, produced sufficient evidence of possible discrimination and retaliation, which the city failed to adequately or consistently explain.

“Hulu Becomes Latest Streaming Service to Commit to Accessibility for Blind Users”

A recent settlement agreement will result in accessibility improvements to Hulu’s website and programing, including audio description tracks for streaming content where possible.